It was sister Rianda's birthday on Monday

We made Luchadore masks for our zone activity

Happy Cinco de Mayo! ‏

We also had "Cock Fights" Or chicken fights. I got this idea from Jimmy's report on Cuba :D
we drew chicken faces on our balloons and tied them around our ankles and tried to pop each others balloons.

We also summoned our eagle powers by doing rely racing with eggs on the ends of spoons. I forgot to take my camera out with me so I didn't get any pictures :( But there were eggs cracked and we had a lot of fun)

The Zone

The sisters taking selfies

A sweet Giraffe house!!

Fighting hunger... "I smell cookies!"

Adopting Kronk
We were volunteering for this thrift store and had to go throw away stuff and this little guy was down on the ground next to the garbage can so we rescued him and adopted him as our mascot and the founder of our new holiday
(I told dad all about it) "DINO DAY"!!
We sanitized him very well :D


Nature (also my new cute outfit!!)

Ward FHE

Welcome to the jungle! This house was in the middle of the city... we thought it was pretty cool

Sketchy Dentist... look legit?

Kronk being majestic

Good bye Party for the Archies (they are moving to Las Vegas)

Selfie with Martine who is super excited for "Mormon Prom" :D

Using Kronk as a microphone when we jam out to Morm-Tab!

The elders told us to find an almond tree this wasn't it... We are still on the hunt.
Will you google me an image of what an almond looks like before they take the nut out?

We took Kronk to the park to swing for lunch

District selfies with Kronk photo bombing

A bird pooped on our pizza box... we were all glad it was closed

Kronk smelling the poop (the elders almost put him in it! Ew gross)

Cool pier at the park

Our Family

We are all super models!

We help out at a Habitat for Humanity which is like a DI... kinda

Sister PK asked me if I modeled for this picture... :D

The best planner I have ever seen! Made by sister PK for Elder Becker

Us hugging dogs

Transfer call night

Ice cream fills the cracks in the heart :P