specialized zone conference

In honor of my companion Sister LeBaron finishing her mission tomorrow I thought I would share a few of our experiences together. May she rest in peace.

~One time she caught a lizard and violently threw it at my face. It was our first night together.

~One time while talking about politics she turned and asked if Colorado was more Dominican or Republican. Too much culture for her to handle.

~One time we had an investigator who was an aspiring rapper. He denied being paid $30 million by the Illuminati to worship Satan. Then he denied baptism and salvation for his rap music and models.

~One time we almost gave out that same investigator’s business card instead of a church card to a man in the street. Do you want a picture of Jesus in America or of a Rapper clothed in gold?

~One time we lived 10 minutes from a Wendy’s where a man was charged for assault with a deadly weapon after throwing a baby alligator through the drive through window.

~One time we asked every Cuban we knocked into where a good Cuban Restaurant was and the only person who responded told us to go to Pollo Tropical. Its basically more ghetto than Taco Bell and they don’t even have Cuban food. We are still asking every Cuban we find where to go eat.

~One time we had this really cool investigator who fell in love with “Beautiful White LeBaron” and wanted his “baby” to come see him at night. He wasn’t cool after that.

~One time we did service for a member and got to help him sculpt a piece worth $40,000. He probably took off what we added as soon as we left.

~One time we found a cat store inside of a thirft store. I had an allergic reaction and she gave me hand sanitizer. What a saint.

~One time she taught a lesson in Spanish all by herself while I threw up in the investigators bathroom down the hall. We never got invited back…her Spanish was on point though.

~One time we made the other sisters our slaves for the night and ate Tapioca and Brigadeiro so she could try Brazilian food.

​Our transfer together was short, but it was sweet. Lets all take a moment of silence and pray for her journey home…Ok moment over. Big things are going to happen in Royal Palm Beach. I’m staying and getting a new companion tomorrow. The miracles we have been blessed with these last few weeks are leading to big things in the weeks to come.

Love you all!
Sister Haws