Got hair cuts... I regret that decision entirely... she gave me really annoying layers that I don't know what to do with.  Also the humidity does wonders for my hair!  :P

Cute Sis. Rowley who I did a full day exchange with!

Sis. Abad and Sis. Morrow are the cutest as well!!​

International Night

Babie and Flavia are the best!! Babie is an RM and served in Kyle Millers mission of Reno, Nevada.  She comes out knocking with us a lot! They are the best!​

Cena internacional

Bienvenidos a las celebracion de culture!


​Beach day!! Two pdays ago! ‏

​Hehe I ran around in the rain and got soaked... it was really fun!

​I got a wee wittle froggy!

Sis. Abad... She is hilarious!! She calls me her chicken tender and pretends to eat me all the time. She also knows the entire pokemon theme song and rewrites other songs to apply to missionary life.  We'll sing one for you eventually on my recorder :D

P-day Hunger Games w/ zone

I introduced Sis. Morrow to the joy that is Sam's Club!! Hooray for cookie dough... it lasted her a week! :P

Package fun!!

The cool crew

A scary lizard thing that runs like a velociraptor!!

Happy Fathers Day DADDY!  Here is a hair-do (maybe it should be a hair-don't) tribute to you! Thanks for everything you do for me and I hope you know that I love you! I really appreciate your support and help in all things!! :P  Quingrapo Father!  Love Sisi Pie