Ate some mystery fruit... it was delicious!

creepy above ground cemetery... You don't see that in Utah.
We think it's because we are at sea level but not really sure.

Our area is sooo diverse! We have super ghetto parts... don't worry we avoid them after dark and the millionaires and there ritzy houses completely gated! It makes finding a little difficult, good thing God is at the Helm!

This is the RITZY part of town.

selfies in a bush..tree.. thingy?

selfies in the car ‏           

Happy Easter!  Thanks!

Greetings from Teddy the Turtle

All our neighborhood friends, we think we'll make a tv show about them one day. :D

Belmar the duck and all his lady friends (he's a player)
Teddy the turtle
Peppy the peacock

Sis. Hebdon was super excited that we got to go to the Hospital (to visit Alejandro) and the Dentist all in one week.... she has a thing for latex gloves

Sis. Hebdon likes snakes....!

English class