Full exchange in Riverside with Sis. Call

what a view!

The member's who fed us from the Riverside ward have a super nice house... even valet parking! Snazzy!

Beautiful Florida!​

Sis. Hebdon taking pictures of the view and then forgot to zoom out when she took a selfie!! :P

Coconut Grove- a cute place in our area. It's super Ghetto and then gets really ritzy in like 30 seconds! It's such a weird contrast​.

While I was accounting with our district leader Sis. Hebdon whispers, "sister look!" and she has a pair of nail clippers up her nose!! I lost it! She makes me cry because I laugh so hard all the time!


If your not having fun on your mission then your doing it wrong! :D


Ghetto Church!  I think it use to be a bank or something, it was an adventure!

The riverside house is completely gated to prevent damage from Hurricanes...
and probably thieves too. You don't see that in Utah.​

While I was at the Riverside home, they have tons of clothes that a less active gave them so I went through them and found this little number for sister Hebdon!

She was dancing in it! It was hilarious!! :P

I was so excited to see I got a letter from my lovely parents. As I opened it I was horrified to see what I thought were the stupid's toenails in a ziplock baggy!!! UGH!!! Not going to lie I was really grossed out, until I read your cute letter. I was glad to find out that it was a ring made of Zebra wood and lots of love. It got broken in the mail. :( Don't worry though I'm going to try and super glue it back together. Thanks!