Guy in our ward got his mission call to... Orlando FL! 2.5 hours away :D

Girl bonding time

selfies with Sis. Richardson

Grumpy cat

Sketchy Haitian food from a member...
we think it's crab, turkey, and some other meats? There was like a whole spine in there! We were grossed out, but I tried it and it wasn't bad

I went to the Portuguese area! and ate Brazilian food! She made us this stuff that I can't remember how to say it but they only make it in Salvador, Brazil which is where Sis. Guimareas is from. It took them 5 hours to make it because you have to boil the beans for that long and then peel the skin off individually. Pretty cool!!

Fala Portuguese? No... Hablo Espanol es un pocito similar

Oopsy!!! While I was on our exchange, Sis. Jeppson and PK got in a car accident!
No injuries and the lady was super sorry, but our car looks like it fits right into Miami now. :P
We were joking that someone "ultimate punched" our car  (hot rod) and
then we said "Don't punch our car..." (Kid history)

Sis. Rianda is really scared of cockroaches so she sprays the house religiously with poison...
the other day she was like, "If you have something drip on your head don't be alarmed it's only poison."
We laughed pretty hard (and were a little alarmed)