Monsters love underpants

I love pepper in my soup! Hahaha OOOOPS! I used the wrong side of the pepper lid, the spoonful side and not the sprinkling side... Lesson learned!!

Joely Pacheco (5) and Sienna Galang(3)
We had a FHE with Reyna, Aimee, and Joely at the Galangs house. It was a blast. We taught about Latter Day Prophets and showed the mormon message "Dare to Stand Alone" I love that video!

We played "Don't Eat Pete" and Joely loved it!! She couldn't stop laughing and she won almost everytime! We had to make sure she wasn't peeking around the corner, she just has natural skills?

Greenie meal

Our sweet members the Leamings made us an all green dinner to celebrate Sis. Bushman being a greenie! (I first thought they were just excited for St. Patrick's day) We had sheperds pie with green mashed potatoes, broccoli, green beans, green corn muffins, apples, pears, and kiwi. With Pistachio pudding for dessert. We also got a green cheesecake to take home. :D 

Reyna and Aimee baptism

They are so cute!
Bishop Cole baptized them

Our board with out baptism goal and actual!! Woot Woot!

The text we sent out to our zone.
We call ourselves the promise land zone and text out miracle "scriptures" to each other :{P

Mmmm... fresh coconut

This is the concepcion family, they are from the phillipines! They are a part member family. :D

We were telling our less active member Sis. Wood (the one who likes to paint) about how our feet get cold so we wear socks all over our house. She was like I have an extra rug I've been trying to get rid of for a year!!
Bright side- we got a rug
down side- the rug was covered in cat hair and smelled like cat
we vacuumed it and literally could have made another cat. We joke that we are breaking the rules of not having pets of any kind and that our rug is our cat... His name is Winston :D

Magic Carpet Rides!! ‏

A CROC Got into our House!!! ‏

hehehehe We crack ourselves up...