Flooding from storms! We woke up a few times on friday night to saturday morning because it was just coming down in sheets! So much water! We had a few tornado watches but nothing happened and we are safe! President Richardson did tell us to go to the chapel, so we were there for two hours on Friday and watched family history movies... we Mormons know how to party! The Fort Myers elders also "sought shelter" in our chapel. They came prepared with basketballs. but after 2 hours it was super sunny so we went back to work. :)

Mike's Baptism! ‏

Bro Arenz, Mike, Sis LeBaron, Sis Bushman

The Pillings, they fed us on Sunday and wanted to send a picture to their daughter who is serving in Barcelona, Spain

What happens when there's severe thunderstorms when I'm trying to sleep!

Our new house rules!