The District

The Funeral:  We were trying to be somber... when all of a sudden Sis. Abad whispers, "uhhm I'm not in these pictures."  Hahaha

Custard... I was in all three pictures :D

Fun Capture the Flag with Coral Spring Zone- last p-day​.

And Sister Marrow got a battle scar​.

P.S. Sister Gailey was there! Love that Gal.

Praise the Laud! The Fort Laud!!​

Car wash adventure!

For district training we had a funeral for Elder Sorenson who is finishing his 2 years this transfer...

We also had cake!​

Biking and we look over and see this creepy mannequin head in the window so we took a discreet picture of it... Crazy peeps!!

Also a scenic view of one of the apartment complexes we knocked​.

Me and Sis. Tapia (Barbara's mom) such a sweet person!

Us and Cynthia (Recent Convert)

​The Peruvian family in our ward made us dinner to go... which was good because I was like what kind of meat is this???

I started screaming cuz it was a baby octopus!! What the Heck! I wanted to try it so I could say I ate a baby octopus, but I kept  freaking out and I couldn't make myself put it in my mouth so Sis. Morrow fed it to me and told me it was chicken...Hahaha!

Well it's official! I've eaten an octopus!

Waiting for transfer calls