Saying goodbye.

This is cute Sis. Davidson who we love lots! She fed us our last night in Hollywood!

Transfer Day.

We had to fit 4 people and 3 persons luggage in uno carro! It was really exciting/cramped!!

Hehe it was a good 40 min drive and Sis. Almeida and I couldn't feel our legs by the time we got home :P

Hermana Lake - is my new companion in my new area of Lauderhill South.

1st District Training started out with a bang... and a confetti popper! :P​

We are now in a car share with two other sisters and have another housefull of gals! so fun!

I'm in the Coral Springs zone in Lauderhill South Area! My new companion is Hermana Lake from Spokane,Washington and she is so great! Love her already! Fun fact: I took over Sis. Gailey's life... hehe! Hna. Lake just got done finishing training her and now she is greenie breaking me. Lucky her! She get's to deal with all the crazies! haha
and owls!

So on Saturday night we were on bikes, because we are now in a car share with the other sisters, and I had to use the bathroom so we stopped by the Rueda's home. They are two cute grandparents from Ecuador and they let us use their bathroom, then fed us cake and apple juice, and then gave us a ride home because we weren't going to make it in time. It was hilarious! We shoved our bikes in their little van. They are the best!

Where do cashews come from?  They come from this exotic fruit! A member has a cashew tree and this is the weirdest thing ever!!

My new ward and area are so sick! We share a house with the sisters in the English ward, but they are actually Portuguese speakers. Sister Almeida is from San Paola, Brazil and her trainee Sister Peel is from Las Vegas. Once I master the Spanish Language maybe they can teach me some Portuguese so I can write you a letter Pa!