RIP Sister Gailey! ‏
Today Sis. Gailey is flying home to start school next week! I'm gonna miss her like crazy!! We started this amazing trip together and we've grown so much together! WELCOME HOME SISTER GAILEY!!

Happy Birthday Elder Welch and Salgado!

Zone Training

Our Zone

Photoshoot of my new clothes!
Muchas Gracias!!

Runway Model! Look out! ‏

Charlies Angels in Florida ‏

Sunburns ‏


Exchanges and Sleep overs!! ‏

Sis. Haws, Sis. Rocha, ME, Sis. Kutomi
The AC is still broken so we were sweatin' to death!

sleepover selfies!

a nice pat on the back from President Richardson...... ‏   are "so close" to the end....! And, need to strive, "every day", to do the very best you can,
 and yes, "STRIVE" to leave it all "on the field" (as the sports guys say...! ;-) And, won't it be fun to "meet" Ammon & his brothers, and Alma the Younger...?!!! I'm so "proud of you...! I know at times this has been "hard"...but you have stepped "up", and stepped "out"...and given this your "all"...!~ Keep it up...!
His grammar and quotations are hilarious! We text each other like this sometimes when we want to imitate President. I love President and Sister Richardson so much!! They are so good to us!