Therapy - Sis. Gailey finds coloring an ultimate source of stress relief :D

elders killing roaches

The District! ‏

I taught Sis. Gailey how to spit cherry seeds into a trash can

On our way back to our area from the "talkie" doctor we stopped in Lauderhill and enjoyed my favorite restaurant ever! and Baleadas!!

This is how we keep each other awake during personal study!! Dart wars!!

Full day with Sis. Herbas

Us being ghetto!

Selfies in PUBLIX!

eating weird fruit

one of my favorite people: KEITH (use to be a gangster but now he is a super sweet mormon! Most tattooed mormon in america according to him)

I learned from Sis. Hebdon to kiss cats... and Sis. Gailey is a cat whisperer so we make lots of friends while knocking doors!

Us and a young women Jennifer! Coolest Recent Convert! She was just baptized in March and has such a solid testimony!

Elder Reed was shoving hot sauce packets in Sis. Herbas' bag unbeknownst to her :P

This plane is just chilling in a field and goats are usually sleeping under it... we think it's really funny!