Elder Sandoval (I call him sandal bar) pulled a captain Moroni in District Training and rent his clothing!   Then we signed it as our title of liberty to wage war against satan! Boo-Ya!  #satanisscared!

Ice cream and bubbles... need I say more

zone conference

YW's -They made cupcakes and we quickly dropped by to say hello.  The Young Women are awesome and we take them out knocking with us a lot! It's also been pretty warm here!!


Also a bird pooped on me while running- gross...

Who's excited for companionship study?!? WE are!!

This squirrel is taking a nap on a fence.

Ducks thought we had food so they came and said hello and then followed us around when we were knocking doors.

Coolest birds ever! Not sure what they are called... can you google it for me por favor?

Also more pop-eyes!!

Baby mango and Mommy mango!!