This is my work and my glory, to bring to pass the cleanliness of my clothing

I'm a mermaid!!

Yah Utah weather is weird!!


attack of the dinosaurs!! ‏

Service day

Shout out to DAD!!

I will never ask Elder Madsen to take photos again, but at least he got a nice shot of our matching navy skirts! :D

We got our travel schedules!!

Highlight of my day/week!!!

The MTC workers are awesome!! Rice Crispy Temples!! This week was the St. George temple!!

I asked Hna. Gailey to take a picture of me, but after seeing it...

I decided to take a selfie instead! Hope she doesn't want to grow up to be a photographer!! :P

OUR STRESS LEVEL... sometimes we feel like were in the red zone! :P

Saying goodbye to Hno. Day and Hna. Valdez... so sad and I know I have a lot more goodbyes ahead